What movie or game universe would you like to live in?

“Ratatouille, because I am starring in it.””

— Lachlan MacDonald 12th grade-

“Spongebob, because the characters can breathe underwater””

— Emma Koholua 10th Grade-

“Surf’s Up as chicken Joe””

— Luke Hartman 12th grade-

Avatar because it is legit”

— Alex Young 10th grade-

I’d be in the show “Kipper” because they had a candy land in the show”

— Will Armstrong 9th-

I’d like to be in minecraft because their lives are simple.”

— Chanel Stanley 11th-

Marvel because it is super cool.”

— Isaac Lane 10th grade-

Fast and Furious because of the adrenaline and fast car driving and doing what you want.”

— Luis Contreras 12th grade-

I’d want to be in the show H2O because id want to be able to breathe underwater.”

— Steffany Beltran 10th grade-

H2O, because of my blue hair makes me feel like a mermaid. ”

— Dana Waldburger 12th grade-

The Bee Movie because there is no global warming.”

— Joshua Juarez 10th grade-

“Harry Potter because of the possibility to be a witch.””

— Ava Churukian 9th grade-