Have You Been Sick in the Last Few Weeks?

Yes, I was sick but I feel fine now.

— Brooks Lockley, freshman

When I was sick, I still am sick, I had no appetite. I am about a 3 now.

— Claire Gamez, freshman

I was sick but I have a good immune system so I got over it quickly. It is gone now.

— Melanie Zanayed, freshman

Yes, I was coughing all the time… I’m about a 2 or 3.

— Rebecca Ferrer, senior

No, I have not been sick. My friends have.

— Myles Plaskonos, sophmore

Yes, I was sick but I am good now.

— Zachary Shafer, senior

I got the wrestling team sick.

— Dylan Haugum, freshman

I haven’t been sick but I’ve had a constant runny nose.

— Logan Gunn, sophmore

I was sick during the three day weekend, and I have had the sniffles but it has worn off.

— Mccoy McInerney, junior

I was not sick.

— Barrett Keller, junior

I was sick for two days about two weeks ago, but I’m fine now.

— Isabella Stillwell, junior


— Lilou Vega, junior

No. I have a sore throat.

— Sierra Schreiber, sophmore

No, but I have a stuffy nose.

— Antonia Mago, sophmore

Yes, I was sick two weeks ago, just a common cold.

— Paige Repp, senior

Yes, it was not too bad.

— Mueller Lee, senior