Karis Bauman
Karis Bauman is in her junior year and attends La Jolla High School. Karis has never taken journalism before so this is her first year. She decided to take this class because she is very interested in what is occurring in her community and she likes to express her opinions. She is very excited to meet her new classmates as well as learning their opinions. Karis’s older brother, Kieran, took journalism and became an editor for the Hi Tide which developed Karis’ interest in it as well. Karis has not had a very big interest in journalism before, but she does enjoy writing. She is looking forward to writing news stories that students will read because then these students might form their own opinions. Karis hopes that by taking this class, her writing skills will develop and become stronger. Karis is very open-minded and likes to learn new things, which is what this class will bring. Karis has no past experience with journalism, but is excited for the present and future that this class might hold.

Karis Bauman, Staff Writer

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Karis Bauman