Mr. Meeks Retirement


Mr. Tony Meeks at La Jolla High School. Photo via Instagram: @ljhsvikings

Karis Bauman, Staff Writer

On November 4, 2020, Mr. Tony Meeks announced that he has decided to retire as Vice Principal from La Jolla High School. Meek’s 40-year long career in education began in Arkansas, where he worked for five years until relocating to California. Boasting an impressive resume, his career saw him working not only as an administrator, but as a science teacher with schools such as Hughes High School and Forrest City Jr. High in Arkansas, as well as Lincoln High School, ALBA Community Day School, and many others in California.

When asked why he wanted to become a vice-principal, Meeks answered, “I felt that I needed to make a bigger impact in education, so if I become a vice principal, I would be able to help students at the administrative level.” Meeks has worked at La Jolla High School for six years and has found the time spent to be “… an extremely rewarding time in my life.”

After his retirement this coming December, Meeks plans on spending more time with his four kids, exercising more often, traveling, taking care of elderly family members, and to “stop and smell the roses.” 

Meeks has spent many years working, and he has chosen to retire now because he knows “it’s the right time.” When asked what his best memory about La Jolla High was, he said, “The way I impacted students and the way I helped students get their priorities straight and get on a positive path.” 

Meeks has loved working at La Jolla High and has stated that “the decision [to retire] was not an easy one because of my deep connection to the school, students, staff, and the school community.” Junior Houda Benbatoul, has seen Meeks walking around campus and has noticed his sense of style. “He was always well dressed. He was hands down the best dressed in the whole school…he was very professional and was truly passionate about our school, and it truly showed through his actions….Mr. Meeks will truly be missed.” Meeks’ last day is scheduled for December 18, 2020.