Ella Mossman

Ella Mossman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ella Mossman is a Senior in her third year of journalism. She knew she had some good writing skills and a wide vocabulary so she decided to join journalism. She is happy to learn new things and really get to know her school and everything surrounding it. She is excited to talk to a lot of new people. From journalism, she had improved her writing, reading, and social skills. Ella had always been a bit shy about her writing or announcing her opinion to the public but she'ś really embarked on learning new things. When she was young, she got quite bored and it was hard to keep her occupied when she wrote. She would write stories or just write about how her day went. She wasn't always the best in other classes in school but she always liked the subject English. She is looking forward to continuing her journey in journalism after high school

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Ella Mossman