From Starbucks CEO to next U.S. President?


Abby Martin, Online Editor

With the current political turmoil dividing America, it’s no secret that the Presidential Campaign of 2020 will be one to remember. Many candidates are coming out of the gate with strong opinions and stances. But one candidate in particular decides to run as an Independant, a decision that caused much backlash from Democrats.

Former CEO of Starbucks and billionaire businessman, Howard Schultz, has decided to run on as an independent for the 2020 election. A former democrat, Schultz remarks that he no longer agrees with the party’s stance on certain issues. Many Democrats, including Senator and future presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, are scared that Schultz’s situation is too similar to our current president’s. “What’s ‘ridiculous’ is billionaires who think they can buy the presidency to keep the system rigged for themselves while opportunity slips away for everyone else” Warren tweeted. Many Democrats are angry for a different reason, believing that by running as an Independent candidate Schultz will be taking votes away from the Democratic candidate giving the Republicans a clear advantage. On the Republican side Donald Trump announced he was running for re-election the day he was inaugurated.

Possible Democratic candidates running against him include, Elizabeth Warren, who has been very vocal against Trump and his policies, and Bernie Sanders, who attempted to gain the Democratic candidacy last year but lost to Hillary Clinton. Whoever the candidate is, the current political divide in our country makes the 2020 election one of the most important elections to date.

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