The New Coffee Shop On Campus

The La Jolla Cafe is a coffee and tea cart run by the students in Ms. Mitchell’s class. The idea came about when Ms. Michell got sent a Tik Tok video: “A friend sent me a Tik Tok video about a teacher who was running a similar project.”

Students running the LJ Cafe during first period. Image via Sophia Benito.

Ms. Mo connected with Ms. Mitchell with the Coffee Club at Clairemont high school, who helped her gain a few ideas.

One of her students built the main cart in woodshop class with Mr. Ferguson. In addition, the students are “grinding and brewing coffee and tea…and taking orders from google forms.”

Diana Lopez, a La Jolla High student, was happy to hear about the new cafe: “Cafe’s are nice. They are a place for people to hang out and chill.”

The main cart will be stationed in front of the library for in-person orders, and one rolling cart will be used for deliveries that are ordered on a google form.

There will be a soft opening on Friday, March 3rd, where free coffee and tea will be served to teachers. Then, starting on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 8:45 to 10:20 AM, the La Jolla Cafe will be taking orders and delivering them to students. Coffee is $1.50 a cup, and tea is $1.00. You can save 50 cents if you bring your own cup.

The La Jolla Cafe is sponsored by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, who is providing both normal and decaf coffee and shirts for the new cafe.