Public vs Private Schools


Photo via U.S. News

Vincent Ricchiuti, Staff Writer

The unusual year of 2020 has impacted schools in major ways. COVID restrictions have forced schools, such as La Jolla High, to switch to online learning. As students adapt to the world of Zoom, they have found it difficult to maintain their relationships with teachers, friends, and administration. Private schools do not share the same problem. These schools have been able to meet on campus while practicing social distancing, allowing them to be more interactive within their classes. 

Sophomore Alex Goldman, from The Bishops School, described the benefits of being able to attend school in person. “We have the ability to meet with our teachers after school and during free periods… this allows us to deepen our connections with them and allows our teachers to understand how each individual student learns best.” This is quite the contrary to what Sophomore Olen Doback had to say about La Jolla High, “Because of large class sizes, students don’t get as much one on one time with teachers… this really causes a lot of students to lose motivation and fall behind.” Doback struggles to maintain a relationship with his teachers through online school, and he is not alone. 

This year has been difficult for everyone, but there are major benefits for private schools. When, such as better student-teacher relationships, more campus time, and overall better structured online classes. While it is inevitable that private schools have more resources, public schools are trying their best to protect their students and education during these uncertain times.