Caroline Korinke
Caroline Korinke is a senior at La Jolla High. This is her first year in journalism, and she joined the team as a staff member.  She joined the journalism class because she is interested in spreading accurate information to the people. This year, she hopes to improve her writing and practice working in a job-like environment. She thinks that journalism is a respectable field and wants to experience what it is like to be a reporter. Caroline hopes that by practicing her writing in a structured environment she will be able to write better essays for college admissions. Caroline has had a bit of writing experience outside of the classroom - she used to write newsletters, newspaper articles, and press releases for a robotics club. She said that this was a “great learning experience” and that she “had a good time.'' Caroline is looking forward to spending her senior year in journalism class.

Caroline Korinke, Staff Writer

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Caroline Korinke