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Spain’s Wall

The Gibraltar–Spain border was built in 1704. The border runs east to west for a total of 1.2 kilometers, separating Gibraltar from the Spanish municipality of La Linea de Concepcion. This international fence is also referred to as “The Fence of Gibraltar.” The border is watched around the clock by infrared cameras and security. This makes responding to a breach easily accessible for the government workers in watch towers.

According to CBC News, “20 years and millions of euros later, that fence has yet to dissuade migrants from coming, or to remove Melilla from the modern day map of possible back doors into Europe.” In late 2018, the migrants’ sea route shifted from Italy to Spain. There is also a concern in the growth of migrants living near the border, including an increase of Sahara African migrants. Even with a border fence, migrants continue to flow out of countries and head uncontrollably toward Spain.

Spanish residents have their own thoughts and opinions on the border wall. According to The Locals website, “They are generally quite effective in keeping people out, but are routinely stormed and human rights groups have accused both Spanish and Moroccan border police of mistreating immigrants.” The walls and barriers are used for keeping unwanted migrants out. In 2014, 14 immigrants lost their lives because they were not cooperative with the government when they tried to enter Spain illegally. The Locales asserts that this mistreatment is apparent to members of the Spanish forces and sometimes happens in plain view of them, as it did in 2014.

The United States President, Donald Trump, is trying to allocate funds for a wall on the southern border of California, which would reinforce the border between the United States and Mexico. Although the wall is not currently being built, Trump has made prototypes by getting ideas from other countries like Spain. Aljazeera News has a series that looks at four examples of border walls around the world. According to their website, “It examines the lives of those who are living next to them and how their lives are affected. It also reveals the intention of the walls’ designers and builders, and explores the novel and artistic ways walls are used to chronicle the past and imagine the future.”

Spain’s future in wall development is going to be more broad and give other countries a strong influence. In 2015, it was the deadliest year on record for migrants trying to enter Europe, with more than 3,700 deaths of migrants trying to sneak into Europe illegally. The majority of deaths happened during sea crossings between Libya, Turkey, and Greece. The European government is getting stricter as more migrants try to enter the country. Their efforts aim to take security measures by placing more cameras around the border.

Students from La Jolla High have stated their opinions on Trump’s wall. Freshman CJ Maggio says,  “I think its a waste of money and an exaggeration. There should be more border protection.” Senior Azure Sweetan-Abbott comments, “I think the wall is stupid but, if he were to build a wall across the Southern border, he may as well build one across the Northern border also.” Senior Katie Graham also agrees that, “It’s stupid, it won’t work, and the amount of money Trump is asking for is insane.”

(Photo via Morocco World News)

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