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India’s Wall

President Trump is not the first to consider the idea of a border as a way to prevent illegal border crossing. According to Global Security news, “In 2012, India constructed a 3,000-kilometer wall on the border of Bangladesh to prevent smuggling.” The Economist magazine explains that, “The fence is about two and a half meters high.” Two and a half meters is slightly higher than eight feet. The purpose of the fence is to restrict illegal immigration; especially smugglers trafficking cattle, drugs, and even humans to make a profit, which jeopardizes the economy.

The stability of the countries on India’s border was also a factor that worsened India’s immigration issue.“It was a turbulent time in the 1970s, with many people moving to India from Bangladesh as refugees from India’s war with Pakistan,” explains BBC. During this time, a surge of refugees were coming into India to escape the war, which worsened the pre-existing immigration problem. Since India shares a border with seven other countries, some of which have experienced economic instability from war, this makes India a hotspot for refugees. The large influx of refugees looking for safety and opportunity results in India experiencing many border control problems.

Museum Victoria, a website for a history museum, reports that, “In 1947, India gained independence from Bangladesh.” They go on to say that in East India, there is Bangladesh territory near the Indian Ocean. Due to the placement of the fence, the territory is trapped between the ocean and the border of India. If Indian citizens living in coastal regions needed to escape, they would have to penetrate the fence in order to seek asylum inland. Slate Magazine summarized that, “Due to climate change the people may have to evacuate inland in the future.” The fence will become an issue for the people of Bangladesh fleeing the ocean’s rising sea levels, further straining the border tension between the two countries.

President Trump’s main reasons for building a wall on the United States-Mexican border is similar to India’s motive because both of their intentions are to keep illegal immigrants and smugglers out of their countries. Both the United States and India share a border with other countries that have a large number of people hoping to enter, either for more opportunity or to carry out illegal trades, such as dealing drugs.

The idea of building a wall between the two countries is controversial, with both sides stating reasons for or against the wall. The Salt Lake Tribune quoted Congressman Mike Lee, who stated that, “We need more border patrol agents, more emergency medical technicians, more immigration judges, and yes, more wall.” Lee explained that any type of security that would prevent illegal immigration or smuggling would help with border patrol. Grade 11 student, Jacob Rolstad, said that, “The wall will protect the country from drugs and crime. The wall format will stop people from hopping in.” Even if the wall does not solve all immigration problems in the United States, the fact that it helps prevent some illegal access to the country is beneficial to border patrol nonetheless.

On the contrary, CNN states that, “The taxpayers have already paid 2.3 million to protect the prototypes.” The government shutdown caused employees to have a delayed paychecks, which resulted in many of them quitting. Ninth grader Givie Gartzke explains that, “The wall is a waste of money on something that won’t work.” Sophomore Philippe Covington agrees with Gartzke’s stance by saying, “The wall won’t work because they [immigrants] can go over, under, around and through the wall.”

The intention behind a United States-Mexican border wall is to prevent illegal immigrants and smugglers from entering the country. Supporters of the wall say that it will help enforce the security of the country, while critics say that the cost required to build the wall far exceeds the costs it would save by stopping illegal activity at the border. Altogether, the idea of building a barrier at a country’s border has been implemented by other nations, such as India, to stop illegal immigration and the smuggling of illegal goods.

(Photo via “New Indian Express”)

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