Is the test blind policy good?

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2021 was the first year that the UC school system started using test blind policies. This means that universities don’t look at the test scores and only focus on the extracurricular activities and the student’s grades when admitting them into the school. This was due to the Covid-19 pandemic since so many students were having trouble taking the ACT/SAT tests due to either not being able to afford tutoring, and because many testing centers were closed over the 2021 school year. Instead of looking at standardized test scores, UC schools focus more heavily on extracurricular activities and class rank. Due to this many students thought they had a chance at getting into their dream school which resulted in the UC system receiving over 210,000 applications, an unprecedented amount.

This new policy also allows students to prove themselves in other ways and not just through the testing, taking some of the stress off of their mind. Senior Leah Hoeppner said, “The new system has helped a lot of seniors take the stress off their shoulders because the test is optional. I think that the test option should continue because you can either turn in your good score or prove yourself in other ways.” Many seniors are happy with their placement in schools and also many other students feel more confident to apply to their dream school since their test scores will not hold them back.

I think that the test option should continue because you can either turn in your good score or prove yourself in other ways.”

— Leah Hoeppner, senior

Although this is helping many students get into the universities that they like, it may only last for a short period of time, only supposed to last until 2024. Senior Natalia Courtney said, “Test optional is good for now because of Covid and students couldn’t get the resources they needed, but it should not be continued to make it fair for students who took it before.” This test blind policy makes it easier for many students, but it also makes it unfair for the students who did take the test and will not get it looked at by the universities.

The test blind policies of the UC schools makes it easier for some students to get into the schools they wish because they do not have to take the test, but it also means that the students who took the test do not get their tests even considered. The universities consider making test optional the norm to make it more fair for the students who took the tests and also give students who cannot or do not want to take the test a chance at getting into their dream school.