Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in 2021

Carly Pavlik, Staff Writer

As we enter the New Year and make new year’s resolutions, it looks as if Netflix is doing the same. At the end of this month, Netflix will be sadly removing some fan-favorite shows and movies. When it comes to Netflix, the shows and movies coming from other studios and companies require a license in order to have it on Netflix. When the licenses are close to expiring, Netflix either renews it or lets the show or movie go depending on how popular it is, if certain rights involving the show are still available, and the cost of streaming it. All of these factors play a role in whether or not a show or movie is getting removed. According to Netflix, some of the more popular shows and movies getting removed are Gossip Girl, The Office, The Notebook, Poltergeist, and many more. 

Sophomore Stella Artukovich talked to me about how she is sad to see some of these shows and movies go, “Gossip Girl was one of my favorite shows to rewatch or have just playing as a background show in my room and it’s disappointing they are taking it off of Netflix.” Artukovich also mentioned that a lot of her friends watch Gossip Girl and The Office as they are shows our generation has grown up with so she doesn’t understand why they would remove these shows. Netflix has mentioned that they are getting rid of these shows periodically throughout the month of January and adding more throughout the month as well. 

On the flip side, some people agree with Netflix and the removal of these shows and movies. Sophomore Duncan Carswell said, “I like when Netflix gets rid of shows and movies that aren’t watched anymore so that newer shows and movies can be watched.” He explains that there are so many more shows to discover you won’t even notice those old shows are gone. All sides considered, Netflix continues to add new movies and shows almost every month Netflix lovers are excited to see what they have in store this upcoming year.