Savannah Dennis

Savannah Dennis, Lead Editor

Savannah Dennis is a third year journalism student for the Hi-Tide. In her first year, Dennis was a staff writer, and by the next year she became a page editor for the Opinions column. Now, she has advanced into the role as Lead Editor. As the lead editor, Dennis assists in overseeing the production of each issue, creates prompts and manages a creative writing page, organizes fundraisers, posts on the Hi-Tide instagram account, and provides general support for staff writers and page editors.

Dennis’ interest in journalism started when her sister, Ariana Dennis, entered the class a couple years prior. Following in her sister’s footsteps, she became the Opinions Editor of the Hi-Tide. The strive for reported truths is what drives Dennis to continue pursuing journalism.

For the upcoming school year, Dennis aims to spread her passion to the staff writers, in hopes to show them that anyone can write and that everyone should.

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Savannah Dennis