Club Day

During the first month of our school’s centennial year, Club Day was one of La Jolla High’s first annual events — and what a success it was! An unprecedented number of club tables were set up in the quad on Thursday, September 29th, for this highly anticipated event, where students were given the opportunity to sign up for a multitude of clubs they could partake in during the upcoming school year. 

Math and Speech and Debate Teams in the quad at Club Day (left to right: Arianna Roberts, Solaine Bardin, Mira Lehman, Gaia Micciancio, Inji Hamdoun, and Julia Van Skike)

The energy surrounding Club Day was outstandingly positive. Students eagerly roamed around the quad to discover the extensive range of clubs on our campus, what meetings would look like, when they would take place, and how to sign up! Overall, Club Day was filled with preparation, enthusiasm, and of course, candy.

While some clubs, such as Math Club and Science Olympiad, have been ingrained into the long history of LJHS, others, such as Creative Writing Club and Persian Culture Club, are new additions to the campus this year. No matter their history, however, every club undoubtedly shares one thing in common; Emma Weibel, sophomore and co-President of our school’s Environmental Action club puts it best—“clubs are how our student body can dive into our passions and make a difference.”

From Academic League to Soup Club, the diverse clubs on campus are guaranteed to be of interest to anyone who wants to get involved. Sophomore Solaine Bardin, co-debate captain of the LJHS Speech and Debate Team explains, “Club Day is an important opportunity for the fifteen-hundred or so students at our school to reach out and start building connections with each other, explore new interests, and make new friends.” As we continue to settle into the school year, clubs will be an integral extracurricular opportunity for all students on campus.