How many more people need to get hurt to change?

Jamie Arenas, Staff Writer

School shootings were not always common in the U.S. as they are today. A series of events that took place between the late 1980s to early 1990s caused gun violence to surface prevalently. The question at hand is what caused the upbringing of gun violence and what solutions will create a safer world. Gun violence continues to surface as the top news stories because of the racial issues, drug dealing, psychology, and laws that were passed through the years. Guns have not been as heavily regulated because people want them for protection, and others own guns illegally. Firearms have caused destruction around the United States, and the violence has continued increasing over the years. According to the increase in gun violence is because of the following teens and children being involved with homicide, increase in homicide, frequent threats in other violent crimes, and violence in states with weak gun laws. From 2019 to 2020, there was an increase in gun violence by 28%, homicide among children from the ages of 1 to 19 increased by 40%, and more than 820,000 gun-related violence occurs, which means 1,100 people were threatened with guns every day. All of these deaths and disasters are mainly caused by firearm-related homicide. Citizens possessing firearms dated back to when the nation was first founded. Within the bill of rights, The Second Amendment allows citizens to possess guns. However, it means people have been carrying guns for centuries. In 1791, The Bill of Rights, as well as the Second Amendment, was ratified. In former times armed weapons were used for self-defense.

In contrast, this country has already made its mark and built a community for many. There is no need for a gun when there is nothing to be fearful about. Do people perceive a threat from our government, which they may use to justify carrying guns?

Image via Jamie Arenas

The vast majority of poor neighborhoods have gangs and drug dealers who all possess guns for their criminal deeds. Gangs allow many teens to possess guns and cause many deaths within neighborhoods, stressing parents and children about their safety and security. Low-income neighborhoods have gangs that think dealing with, killing, and threatening people will bring them riches. People of color are more likely to become victims of gun violence. People claim the possession of guns lightens their fear of the dangers within the state and their interpreted lack of security. Hannah Aalaei, a freshman attending LJHS, feels it is horrible students have to go through so much trauma and witness such a horrible situation over which they have no control. The only thing Hannah can do is spread the word and hope people listen. The psychology of school shooters is they either have “childhood trauma or suffered emotional abuse” ( ). School shooters have a rough background of trauma, alcoholism, abuse, or have been harassed or bullied in school. A faculty member at LJHS, Mr.Ferguson, believes disarming citizens and putting up solutions is not the solution. “Fences don’t keep people out… it is not secure… different people have different reasons” there will always be violence, and the best people can do is spread the word and try to help people realize the reality of gun control. Ailyn Aguiar-Besitec, a freshman, believes the solution to solving gun violence is by “Taking away guns.” She wants to solve the problem by taking away firearms from citizens and only allowing officers and the military to possess guns. She claims “allowing military and police officers to carry firearms will make citizens feel safer and decrease homicide involving firearms.” 

Furthermore, possessing guns dawned back when the nation was founded, and because people don’t want to eradicate the Second Amendment, the United States gun laws are weak. People want to keep their guns for the wrong reasons, which needs to stop. Times have changed, and gun violence has only increased throughout the years because of the US’s weak gun laws, guns, dealers, and physiological trauma. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to be abused for the wrong purp, oses where guns are used for crimes and shootings. Teachers and students share concerns and solutions and what they can do to better their world.