Childhood Games with a Twist

Anastasia Akopova, Staff Writer

With roughly 209 million users, Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in a crowded space of online entertainment. While providing many blockbuster hits, it also comes with a plethora of original series and movies that become very popular. Having a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the new Korean show, Squid Games does not disappoint. It opens the doors to more international shows getting the recognition they deserve. Based in Seoul, Korea, this drama centers on a man that is billions of won in debt. He is extremely strapped for cash and has to figure out how to find a lot of money quickly in order to save the things most important to him. This opportunity arises when he is given the chance to participate in a game that could result in his demise. 

There are times where one has to ask themselves these difficult questions. The show encourages its viewers to think, “Would I participate if given the chance?” Junior Gaia Micciancio said, “No, I’d fail the game so badly because I don’t think it would resolve your problems.” Considering all the players are in life and death situations it comes as no surprise that the decision to participate is not the easiest. Junior Wyn Smoole believes that it would be better to take a chance, “Yeah, I’d probably be killed by debt collectors anyway and it would be better to take the risk.”  

Over the past few years, international shows and movies have become increasingly popular. This popularity stems from social media platforms, such as Tik Tok spreading around clips from shows that entice people to watch. Society is breaking through language barriers and embracing new entertainment with open arms.