Speeding Through Sydney Sevens

Kyle Elsner, Staff Writer

The USA boasted a very strong and talented team this year at the Sevens Tournament in Sydney, Australia. They are led by Captain Madison Hughes, who was made captain by the team in 2014, right around the same time they appointed Mike Friday as the head coach. Hughes has the ability to make big plays when needed, and provides a spark in this team along with Friday. However, the main playmaker on this team, and fastest man in all of rugby, is Carlin Isles, who also led the team in tries scored last season, with a total of 52. 

Isles supports the U.S team in every single match with his playmaking ability. The speedster is very hard to tackle, even if you can catch up to him. Isles broke multiple records at Jackson High School, and absolutely destroyed his NFL combine tryout, with a 40-yard dash time of 4.22 seconds. Isles is just one on a team loaded with talent, and Eagle Sevens are primed to dominate in this tournament.