Coach Francis Interview

Taryn Snyder, Staff Writer

“I wanted a change of pace, something different and unique” says Coach Francis who holds a long career of 28 years here at La Jolla High. 10 years ago he decided to make the switch from his classroom teaching to applying his expertise to the pool deck. When LJHS built their pool, Coach Francis decided to start coaching swimming. His love for swimming is not only prevalent in his job as our swim coach but it also shows in his other job, he is also a beach lifeguard.

Athletics have always been really important to him, as he explained that they were his favorite part of high school. He grew up living in Mammoth, California where the outdoors certainly played a big role in his life. Athletics have continued to be a huge part of his personal life after high school and outside of work as well. In his free time, Coach Francis says he likes to ride his motorcycle and go fishing. Looking towards the future, Francis says his favorite part of the job is, “At this point the prospect of graduating. I graduate with the sophomores.”