Who Would You Want to Narrate Your Life and Why?

Patrick Stewart, because he is a comedian so he knows when to be funny and when not to be.”

— Rodrigo Losonczi 10th-

Samuel L Jackson, he’s kinda like Morgan Freeman 2.0 but he’s got longer to live”

— Zoe Guidry 11th-

Frida Kahlo, because she is a artist and I like the way artists think and view life. ”

— Carmen Ramirez Alonso 12th-

Morgan Freeman, I like his voice. I could easily listen to his voice my whole lifetime.”

— Arie Degel 9th-

Blueface, he’ll make my life sound really entertaining.”

— Adriana Baker 9th-

James Earl Jones, because he’s a cool person with a cool voice. Also because he was Darth Vader.”

— Raphael Freund 12th-

Kevin Hart, he is h**la funny and would say some wacky sh*t unfiltered. He’s one of my favorite actors and one of the most hilarious comedians.”

— Kevon Balbarais-Phal 11th-

Takahiro Sakurai, because his voice is so great. In his voice acting career he voices a lot of interesting characters so it would be interesting to see how he interprets me.”

— Serenity Hoseley 12th-

Gordon Ramsay, because his voice is very authoritative.”

— Sam Liew 12th-

Liam Hemsworth, because he is from Australia.”

— Terra Evans 10th-

Pep Guardiola, because I like his spanish accent.”

— Kristofer Backlund 10th-

Morgan Freeman-100 percent-the way he talks and manages his voice is amazing, he can attracts lots of people to him”

— Chanel Stanley 11th-