How the Finals Schedule Impacts Students

Ellex Brown, Staff Writer

All La Jolla High students participate in finals testing at the end of each semester, testing the students knowledge to the specific course.

Because the tests are so long, students are given much more time to complete them than they are given for a regular test. A regular test would be given in a normal class period which is usually about 58 minutes. The finals are taken by the students over a combined two- period for each class day. The day is split into two periods and each period is two hours. The tests take three days out of each semester and are very different from normal days at La Jolla High. “I like it because we only have to take two finals a day and since it’s a half day it gives us extra time to study for the finals for the next day.” says Leah Lowe. For some students the finals schedule is very helpful because it gives them more time to prepare for tests to come.

Other students don’t like the finals schedule as much and would prefer the regular schedule. “I don’t mind the finals schedule but I don’t prefer it over our regular schedule.It doesn’t really affect me since i’m playing basketball and still have practice at the same time everyday. There’s an awkward amount of time between when school gets out and when my practice is.” Nick Teeple. The finals schedule can make be impractical for athletes or students that participate in extracurriculars. It can be difficult for students to find rides and change their regular schedules due to the short days.