Construction on Campus

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Morgan Glenn

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Ellex Brown, Staff Writer

As 2019 begins, construction around La Jolla High School has become more and more apparent. The school is now under major renovation in a new project called “The Site Modernization Project”. “The Modernization Project” is what La Jolla High is doing in an effort to fix old buildings by putting new appliances into classrooms such as air conditioning and heating systems. Many classrooms will also get new paint and even possibly a new location. The campus will also get new elevators and a fence to protect the students and this will take two years to be completely finished.

The first building under construction is the cafeteria and over the summer the 500 building will go under construction. Sophomore Kris Backlund says, “I disapprove of the construction because if you look at the bottom of Westbourne and Draper it says that the construction just on the sidewalk costs 880k for about forty feet of concrete. The loud noises are also very distracting during class and are disruptive to our learning environment.” The loud construction is going on during school hours and can easily distract students trying to focus. The construction will also be going on over the summer in an effort to not inconvenience La Jolla High students.

“I feel like the construction is super inconvenient because everyday I am late to my third period class.”

— Amaya McMillin, Student

While the finished product will improve our campus, it’s a major inconvenience and causes a lot of issues for the students.