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Vikings of the Month: Water Polo Edition

Nick Thomson and Vincent Vega have been playing water polo long before their freshman year of high school. Their senior season faced some unexpected turns, like adapting to practices at the UCSD pool while Coogan was being renovated. Regardless, they have been bringing their all to their last Water Polo season at La Jolla High before going off to college. Keep reading for an exclusive interview with these two Water Polo standouts!


Q. How long have you been playing water polo?

NT: I’ve been playing for 6 years.

VV: I’ve also been playing for around 6 years.


Q. What made you start playing water polo?

NT: I wanted to try out a new sport and I love the water.

VV: I didn’t like swimming, so I thought a ball sport in the water would be more fun.


Q. What is your favorite part about the sport?

NT:  Getting to play with the entire team in the pool. 


VV: The team aspect. Since I’m the goalie, I get to direct the team on defense, which is really fun. 


Q. How has your senior season been so far?

NT: It’s been fun, we’ve had great teamwork and gotten through a very interesting practice schedule. 

VV: Pretty good. We’re at 14-5 [at time of interview] so far, which is great. 


Q: What would you consider your biggest sports achievement?

NT: Getting to travel to Barcelona for a Water Polo camp over the summer.

VV: I was on the 16U international team last year, so I got to play internationally.


Q. Do you plan on playing water polo in college?

NT: Not sure where yet, but yes. 

VV: Yes, I’m committed to UC Irvine. 


Q. Do you have any team shoutouts? 

NT: Shoutout to the juniors.

VV: I’d also say shoutout to the juniors. They’re picking up the slack on conditioning, and they’re dawgs.

Seniors Nick Thompson and Vincent Vega. Image via Kyra Sharma.
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