Alo Bandz Fatally Shot in Clairemont

Residents of Clairemont mourn beloved rapper

Clairemont residents were devastated after beloved rapper Alo Bandz was confirmed dead on February 19th. Alo, also known as Caesar Lopez, was a young rapper just starting to break through before tragedy struck. He was seen arguing with unidentified men just before the incident, both of whom fled the crime scene after the shooting.

  Once I heard that it was Alo Bandz, I was devastated.

— West Gartland, junior

Due to conflicting reports from witnesses, the shooter and affiliate have yet to be found. Police report that he was shot multiple times in the chest; the incident happened at the North Clairmont Rec Center. Fans are devastated as many of his supporters knew him personally or were loose acquaintances. Junior West Gartland, a Clairemont resident living only a few blocks from the shooting, recalls hearing the shots, “I was walking my dog near the park when I heard the shots. I ran to my house as fast as I could and locked the door. Once I heard that it was Alo Bandz, I was devastated.” He added that he enjoys Alo’s content and listens to his music daily.

The shooting has affected everyone in the area, creating confusion and paranoia. Even the local soccer team had to move practice locations until the situation had calmed down. Another Clairemont local, junior Keith Bainter, said, “It was a terrible scare for us. Since then, I have made sure to lock my doors at night.” This event scared many locals and made people fear for their safety. Lopez was a mere 22 years old and will be missed throughout the community.

Caesar Lopez, known professionally as Alo Bandz. Image via @alo_bandz on Instagram.