Bees Swarm On Campus

Bees cause inconvenience to students on campus

Image via Zoe Hagan

On March 3rd, 2023, at La Jolla High, a bee swarm emerged and invaded the entire quad during lunch. Due to this odd situation, many people were forced to reroute their way to class.

Tate Phillips, a freshman, states, “the second I saw those bees, I felt petrified.” For most people, bee stings won’t affect them; however, five percent of the population is allergic to them, which can cause serious issues. That means 70 students in La Jolla High would be seriously affected by a bee sting making this swarm a significant threat to student safety. 

The school administration swiftly acted upon the bee swarm taping off the section of the affected quad. However, some people are concerned for the bees’ well-being and if there was any harm to the hive since there were dead bees around the school.

…the second I saw those bees, I felt petrified.

— Tate Phillips, freshman

On the other hand, this caused an inconvenience to many students who had to take a detour to their next classes. Ms. Wira, the Latin teacher at La Jolla High, had to take her classes around the affected areas by the bee swarm.

Additionally, Dustin Drobeck, a junior, is one of the many individuals allergic to bees and was stung on Friday, “I felt it sting my hand, and then a couple days later, I had to go to the hospital.” Clearly, the bee swarm might have been a minor inconvenience to some, but there was a feeling of fear in others.