A Tale As Old As Time

LJHS Theatre Department’s new musical comes to life

The La Jolla High School Theater Department has held successful and outstanding plays over the years. Almost entirely student-run, they create a well-working team of actors, designers, builders, musicians, and light technicians.

Brendan Glenister, a senior who was cast to play Gaston, poses on a stage prop. Image via Jaydee Diresto.

Last year, they held the musical West Side Story, where for each performance, the La Jolla High School theater was filled to the brim with viewers eager to feast their eyes on the superb performance of our fellow classmates. Nevertheless, 2022 has ended, allowing for a new musical with a fresh story and a new and continually growing crew to begin the creation of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast musical.

Auditions have concluded with the play anticipated to be shown in May, and our peers are now working to build the set, design costumes, and memorize lyrics. The preparations include more dancing, singing, more complex costumes, and an entire castle to be built.

Regardless of difficulties, members are once again thrilled to participate in the show. Senior Brendan Glenister expresses his preferences in a positive view. He views the musical as “better than West Side Story because there is less drama in Beauty and the Beast, and we get to focus more on the singing and dancing.” Beauty and the Beast is also a more family-friendly show that is more open to viewers of any age.

Junior Lilou Vega is excited by this, as she said, “West Side Story was more focused on the drama between the gangs, and I think that people would prefer the classicness of Beauty and the Beast! It is also a better-known story.” Months will fly by, and May will come before we know it!

Practice is underway, and the musical is set to premiere in May. Image via Jaydee Diresto.