Should there be an Age Limit on Electric bikes and Scooters?

It is evident that an age limit is not needed

E-bikes have created a controversial topic worldwide over the past few years. The recurring question is, are electric bikes and scooters safe for young riders? At La Jolla High School, many students use e-bikes and scooters as their way of transportation. There haven’t been many crashes due to these supposedly dangerous vehicles, yet many people are concerned about the safety and well-being of students. When going around La Jolla High School, this was students’ input on the topic. 

Image via Sophie Hassan

Jenna Ahmad, a freshman at La Jolla High School, explained that electric scooters and bikes are safe to a point, just like everything else. She said, “Anything can have risks, you just have to be willing to take them but I believe that the risks of riding an electric bike don’t outweigh the good memories they build.” Jenna also explained how no age limit should be required if the individual has adult supervision. 

While some people, like Rex Mehran and Leilani Hill, believe that an age limit should be imposed, it might not be necessary. Like Bird Scooters, many things supposedly have an age limit, however, people don’t stop an underage driver from driving an electric bike or scooter. Though some might agree on the idea that an age limit should present itself when it comes to somewhat “dangerous” vehicles, it’s evident when actually discussing the issue, that it isn’t needed.