The Influence of the Media

Does social media affect the safety of students?

The question, does social media affect your safety in any way, was asked to La Jolla High school students. Most students responded with a similar answer, “I think that social media can affect your safety if you let it.” On popular apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok, there is an option for others to view the user’s recent location and whether their accounts are private or not. These two factors can cause trouble and unsafety when anyone can access your location or view your account. 

Image via Sophie Hassan

Furthermore, social media, 65% of young students, affects how they perceive themselves. Leilani Hill, a La Jolla High School student, gladly answered whether or not she tends to compare herself to others throughout the day, which she responded with, “Constantly, in the morning I’m on Pinterest looking at people’s outfits and also looking at Tik Tok, so I’m Comparing myself to the unreachable standard that seems set for you.” 

Furthermore, Maddy Parente, a freshman student, answers the same question, but having her own opinion, she disagreed with Leilani’s answer, “I have never thought about comparing myself to others, it just has never been a big deal to me, and I don’t find the need to go on my phone in the morning or class, I usually just use my phone to get ahold of my friends and family.” 

Students of La Jolla High School each have their own opinion on social media and whether or not it affects them. They all agreed that safety on social media platforms can be a risk if you allow it to.