Religion in Modern America

Religion has played a massive role in society for thousands of years, but modern society has brought about changes in religion. One of these changes is that political ideology has become embedded in religion, if not a new religion itself. This change is not for the better. Instead, it endangers the government and democracy as a whole. 

Image via Adelaide Geurtsen-Shoemate

One of the best examples of this change is the increasing number of white evangelical Protestants who support the Republican Party. According to Pew Research, “Trump garnered even more support in 2020 than in 2016 among white voters who identified as Evangelical protestants in both years.” A substantial part of the Republican base has begun to worship Trump more than their own god. Even going as far as throwing away their own morals to maintain their commitment to their new “god”. When asking La Jolla High school students, a Junior, Alexis Zecha, stated, “Some people are really extreme and treat political parties or figures as a cult, or perhaps, a religion.” This extremism endangered Democracy when Trump supporters learned of Trump’s loss of the presidency last year. January 6, was an example of supporters of a certain political figure being so blindly devoted to him that they committed a terrible crime like sedition to keep that political figure in power. 

Some could argue that this change is for the better, that this change is making Americans more politically involved. However, there is a difference between being more politically active and being part of a political cult. If America wants the best candidates to be elected to office, blindly following any group or political figure cannot be done. The only thing that should be followed is individual morals and facts, nothing else. Overall, the commitment that some have to their political party or a political figure has become dangerous. It has become and is continuing to become its own religion. If this trend continues, I fear the worst for the US government.