Should Rugby Be Part of 6th Period Athletics?

 Is it fair for rugby players to not be put into 6th-period athletics? Rugby is a newly growing sport not just at La Jolla High School but in California. Rugby is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S. and has become more popular as the years have gone on. However, it is not considered a CIF sport. 

Image via Stella Perez

A lot of freshmen and sophomores who play rugby for our school feel that they “should be put into 6th period P.E. just like everyone else that’s on a highschool sports team.” Many also feel that it is inconvenient that they have to have an actual P.E. class and then go to rugby practice after school. 

Wyn Smoole, a senior at La Jolla High who is captain of the varsity rugby team, says, “I do believe it should be a CIF sport because it has become more of a popular sport, especially in Southern California.” Rugby is not a CIF sport because it’s “new and not a lot of people know about rugby and think it’s just like football. One big misconception that is made is that rugby and football are similar.” Wyn explains that “football and rugby are different in many different ways but one main difference is how the rules of tackling are different.” He goes into further detail by saying how in rugby, you have to tackle below the shoulders, while in football, the rules for tackling are less specific. 

Overall, many rugby athletes believe it should be considered a CIF sport because it’s a fast-growing sport, and many students in La Jolla and other high schools in the state have demonstrated interest in it.