Tom Brady Retires! (Again)

Football star Tom Brady retires for the second time

Tom Brady recently announced his retirement for the second time. He returned from retirement for the 2023 season, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to an 8-9 record. This was enough to bring them to the playoffs, but unfortunately, their season was ended by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round. 

Image via Unsplash

Tom Brady had an incredible career and only retired because he felt like it was, quote, “his time.” He is 45 with three kids, making him the oldest quarterback by over 5 years. He was definitely considered an old guy in NFL terms, and many agree it was time for one of the greatest to retire for good. He is one of only eight players to ever come out of retirement, certainly attesting to his reputation. 

When asked about Tom Brady’s retirement, Junior Aiden Parente said, “after playing for as long as he has, retirement seems like his best option after him at this point. He has truly made his mark on the sport.” Aiden still thinks Brady is the greatest quarterback to touch a football. “When I saw his retirement post on the beach I immediately got sad,” says Junior Katherine Brunette, “I really just wish I could watch him play one more season.” She also agreed with Aiden that Brady is the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time. 

After a total of seven super bowl wins, his name will certainly not be left out of the conversation when debating the most impactful American football players ever.