Why Block It?

Are the limits on school computers for La Jolla High School students absurd?

Even though it can be perceived as reasonable to have restrictions on certain websites, the majority of the students at La Jolla High School can agree that the restrictions are absurd.

Image via Jamie Arenas

The limits on the school computer are unreasonable. When a student at LJHS tries to enter a website, they need authority to unblock it.

Lucy Stadtmiller, a sophomore at La Jolla High school, wanted to talk about how she feels “bummed about it.”

She used to use restricted sites such as cool math games to get her mind off things that were causing her stress. Even though there are a few games available, Lucy doesn’t find them helpful.

Yes, some websites should be blocked and are seen as reasonable to be, but many websites are websites that are needed. This restriction causes interference with resources needed to succeed in school.

Liana Welsing says, “the restrictions on the school computer are great,” claiming that it keeps students from messing around in school and not focusing on the task at hand. Yes, students wander off into the sites for entertainment and don’t focus on the task at hand. However, most students focus on their tasks and deserve a break when needed or at the appropriate time. Students at La Jolla High can agree that the restrictions are necessary for safety, but there are a lot of restrictions that are needed for some students. Most websites have valuable information that students need to require. Some websites help students relieve stress and take their minds off of things.