A Great Start to the Field Hockey Season

During this fall season, the La Jolla High field hockey teams have had an amazing start to their seasons.

Image via ljsteph.com

Savannah Putnam, a freshman captain on junior varsity B said, “As our team has had mistakes in the past, we have come together and kept moving forward and have won 2 games, tied 1, and lost 2”. Junior varsity B has had the challenge of playing other schools that don’t have a JV B team but instead a regular JV team. This has given the not-so-experienced freshman a chance to learn more about the game of field hockey. 

To add on, Junior Varsity A is currently undefeated with their 6th win against La Costa Canyon, ending with a 3-0 win. Aiko Busby, a sophomore and one of the three captains for JV A, said, “it feels amazing about being undefeated. I think that we will have a great team this year because we work so well together.” 

Furthermore, the Varsity team has been working hard as the season progresses. Their most recent game against La Costa Canyon was very entertaining and displayed a lot of the varsity players’ skill. Unfortunately, they lost in overtime. However, they will continue to succeed in upcoming league games and tournaments. Esra Yazici, one of the two senior captains of varsity, said, “My goals for this season is for us to play well as a team and win as much as we can and winning CIF would be amazing!” This year’s field hockey teams have set great goals for the rest of the season and will continue to exceed expectations.