Beyond the Gates

What does the La Jolla High community think about leaving school during lunch? These harsh rules have really caused a stir among students. Some may say this rule is simply in place for our wellbeing and safety. The majority think that this is a violation of the freedom of where they choose to spend their time on break. Lunch is a time for students to destress from classes before, creating an environment that some would say is prison-like is inhuman and simply disrespectful. This so-called “break” is filled with even more control.

Image via Natalia Miller

After interviewing select members of the school community, we have more insight on this exclusive piece. There is a security problem with letting people leave at lunch, but that can be eliminated easily by simply checking students ID’s before entering back onto the campus. Not allowing students to leave school just because of this easily fixable threat is unjust. Junior Chayse Teeple says this, “It’s not our fault if someone comes in, the staff should be responsible for protecting us.” Another argument against this constant debate is the possibility of more students being late to class. “It’s the students’ own fault for being late no matter what the circumstance is, responsible students shouldn’t be stripped of this opportunity if others can’t commit to being on time,” Zoey Hagan, a 14 year old freshman at La Jolla high school, argues.

La Jolla High School student’s often hope for a real change with this issue. What really lies beyond the gates?