Nearly 10,000 dead due to possible chemical weapon use in Mariupol

Amongst the raging war in Ukraine, a significant tragedy has come to light, as around 10k people are claimed dead by the mayor of the city. It has become a common yet disturbing theme of the war in Ukraine that major cities are targeted solely for destruction and not for strategy for lack of a better term. Concurrently with such, the siege of Mariupol began Feb. 24 this year and has become one of the most vicious fronts in the war leaving 10,000 dead and 120,000 destitute.

I am genuinely disturbed to my core, I demand justice for Ukraine.

— Tommy Castronovo, junior

President Zelenski of Ukraine announced great speculation of the abuse of chemical weapons in the Mariupol siege particularly. This issue would constitute war crimes committed by Russia, a violation of the international consensus of humanitarian rights and laws. The consequences in which Vladimir Putin tampers with by committing these crimes may be leading the modern cordial world in the direction of international conflict. When asked about the issue and what must be done, junior Tommy Castronovo said, “I am genuinely disturbed to my core, I demand justice for Ukraine”. On the other hand, “We must leave the Ukrainians to fight for themselves,” said junior Sean Trinh. In either case the fabric of their morality is torn over such a humanitarian crisis and tragedy.

The Russian and Ukrainian conflict has been dragged to new unexpected limits and its ending does not appear in the coming as events such as the Mariupol siege become more and more mundane yet perturbing.