Kanye West music video attack against Pete Davidson

Following Kim and Kanye’s divorce, Kim and Pete Davidson became official in November.  Kanye, not being thrilled with this after a divorce, came out with his Eazy music video, Mar. 2, 2022. In Kanye West’s Eazy video, it shows him kidnapping, burying, and decapitating a figure of Pete Davidson. Shortly after this video came out, people began to ridicule Kanye West otherwise known as “Ye” for taking his public hatred for Davidson too far. Some still defend his actions saying that this video was a work of art and that Kanye should be praised. Coincidentally, the day this video was published, was also the same day of Kim and Kanye’s divorce. 

According to Style Caster, Kim Kardashian was appalled by Kanye’s video reportedly stating that, “She was applauded by this stunt and is rapidly losing the little patience she had left at this point. She found it really disturbing and is fearful of what could come of it.” The video was very alarming for most, especially the ones it was directed towards. While Kim is scared, so is Pete but he is trying to play it down to not give Kanye the attention he wants. She says that, “She wants to protect Pete just as much as Pete wants to protect her.” Kim is officially not married anymore so hopefully everything resolves for the sake of their families.