March Madness

Via Pexels

Via Pexels

With college basketball coming to an end, March Madness is beginning. At the time of March Madness sports, fans fill out their brackets to predict who they think will win. March Madness is a single elimination tournament that consists of 68 teams from all over the United States to compete in seven rounds to ultimately crown the national champion. On March 14, the bracket will be released where the games begin a day later in multiple different locations. Out of the 68 teams, there are only 16 teams that make it past the first weekend. Following that, there are only 8 teams who make it into the next week, which results in the final four competition which is held in April.

32 teams automatically go to March Madness for receiving automatic bids due to their performance in their division. The other 36 teams were given an at large bid by the NCAA based on their performance through their season. Generally lower seed teams play the higher seed teams until they get down to the final two. Many sports fans have been anticipating March Madness including junior Rheily Mcworter who stated, “I’m excited for March Madness to start and to watch it with my family. I don’t really care who wins, I just want it to be interesting.” Some people don’t always make brackets of who they think will win the game, instead they just watch it with family or friends. 

I don’t really care who wins, I just want it to be interesting.”

— Rheily McWhorter, junior

March Madness is a fun time for all sports fans to bet on their favorite teams and see who ends up winning. As much as it is fun for the fans, it’s also a lot of fun for the players while they get to compete for a national title.