New Batman Movie

I am excited because I like the DC universe![/pullquote]The new Batman movie, The Batman, premieres on March 4, 2022. The movie is set in Gotham city. Supervillan, The Riddler plays a game of cat and mouse with Batman and  Commissioner Gordon, policeman of Gotham city. The almost three hour long movie had a budget of 100 million USD. Batman is played by famous actor, Robert Pattinson. The movie is premiering at AMC La Jolla, and AMC Mission Valley on March 2, along with other locations in San Diego. When Ronaldo Zuniga was asked how he felt about the new The Batman movie he exclaimed “I am excited because I like the DC universe!” Many DC fans are excited for the new movie. Robert Pattinson revealed that the ending of their upcoming film hints at a sequel. “The story is actually a battle for his soul,” said Director Matt Reeves. The story that will go back many years to expose what caused Gotham City’s downfall. When freshman Ezra Goss was asked how she felt about the new The Batman movie she responded “I mean honestly, I don’t really support DC comics. Only marvel. I mean I’ll watch it but I don’t support them.” Many marvel fans are not as excited about the new Batman movie. However The Batman will probably entice many viewers.

— Ronaldo Zuniga