The Election

Photo via Madge McCullough

Photo via Madge McCullough

Zainab Hassoun, Staff Writer

The Election play at La Jolla High School was a comedy that emphasized how quickly things may get out of hand. The plot of the play revolved on the main characters campaigning for school president. Mark Davenport, played by Dante Arminio, and Christy Martin, played by Bella Wagner, were the primary protagonists. The two parties had gotten increasingly corrupt and hostile over time. It was an ideal demonstration of how money can influence someone’s beliefs and behavior. Junior Madge McCullough, one of the actors in the play, reflected on how the play went as well as citing a phrase from the play, “It was insanely funny, especially if you’re familiar with current politics. Everyone got at least a few really great one-liners in, and I think everyone in the cast AND audience had a good time. Now spit!”’ Others, like senior Ryan Hua had opinions about who should’ve won inside the play, “The Election is amusing, enjoyable, and makes intriguing parallels to modern politics and Media. I think Mark should’ve won, but that’s just my expert opinion.” For the play to turn out as good as it did, the theater department had to put a lot of effort into it. It took them six weeks to design and put it up. Performers had to stand in cold weather wearing their costumes for hours prior to when the show began. The show began at 7 p.m. and concluded around 9 p.m. However, all of the effort was not put to waste, as the night went well.

I think everyone in the cast AND audience had a good time. Now spit!”

— Madge McCullough, junior