Zodiac Killer Unmasked?

Kyra Sharma, Staff Writer

The cold case of the Zodiac Killer remains one of the most well-known unsolved murder cases in America. This self-named serial killer terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area between the late 60’s to early 70’s, seeking public engagement through encrypted messages he sent to popular newspapers.

In 1969, the first message was decrypted by a couple in Salinas, California only a few weeks after its publication in the press. The message simply elucidated how the Zodiac found killing to be enjoyable. 51 years after this cipher was solved, as December of 2020 a 340 character encrypted message has been deciphered by three codebreakers around the globe. However, once again, the cipher provided little towards the identity of the killer, essentially saying he was not afraid of being caught and the repercussions that were due. 

Freshman Sarah Lehman comments on the decryptions saying, “Perhaps the reason the public is so obsessed with the cold case of the Zodiac Killer is the sheer theatrical nature of it.” This is further proven by his addition of communicating several death threats to the public along with the encryptions. Freshman David Abell agrees with this idea, saying “The Killer’s reasons for sending these messages is just a manipulation to stay in the public eye.”

The Killer’s reasons for sending these messages is just a manipulation to stay in the public eye.

— David Abell, freshman

In recent matters, as of October of this year, The Case Breakers alleged to have uncovered the true identity of the Zodiac Killer.  It determined the man to be Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018, raising a frenzied response from the media. However, the FBI was quick to deny this conjecture, as the claims were baseless with no true evidence beyond similar facial features to a sketch of the Killer that was provided. 

Despite this disappointment, the public remains hopeful that the Zodiac Killer’s identity will soon be unveiled. There are two out of four remaining ciphers, one of which has been under the most extensive investigation for the past 50 years, as it starts with the phrase, “My name is …