It’s Time to End SAT & ACT Tests

Eva Brill, Staff Writer

Standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT are typically required for high school students to determine academic readiness and college placement. However, they are ineffective at presenting academic abilities and are not necessary for all high school students to take.

The tests don’t matter if you’re planning on going to college.”

— Edward Gisin, junior

GPA (grade point average) of high school students is closely examined by colleges and universities as well as SAT & ACT scores. According to Forbes, in actuality, students with higher GPAs than SAT or ACT scores have higher chances of getting into applied schools/universities, when compared to students with lower GPAs and standardized test scores. When junior Edward Gisin was asked if he thinks the ACT and SAT determine academic pursuits, he said, “Not at all, the tests don’t matter if you’re planning on going to college.” La Jolla students need to know that colleges do not prioritize the SAT and ACT. Students must also have adequate high school grades for standard college/university acceptance. 

With this information in mind, not all students may believe it’s necessary for themselves to participate in standardized tests. Alongside challenging obstacles graduates face after high school, standardized tests put forward additional stress and anxiety upon high schoolers. La Jolla students are already drowning in piles of work throughout their academic careers, and standardized testing makes acceptance into colleges and universities a strenuous journey. Besides, any education after high school is reputable, and test scores should not define a student’s intelligence or academic recognition from colleges. Scores will not affect ensuing academic pathways and are not going to prevent a student’s ability to have a successful future. It is time to phase out the SAT and ACT, and pursue new alternatives.