The Merkelian Era Coming To An End

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Solaine Bardin, Staff Writer

As one leading figure in Europe steps away, many others rush to fill her power spot. Angela Merkel steps down as Chancellor of Germany after 16 years in power, leaving a power gap not only in her country but as the leader of the EU. “We lost an icon of European politics,” says Nadir Weibel, who has family in Switzerland (bordering Germany), “She always had an eye on the social problems as well, and was able to create a great coalition across political perspectives,” finishes Weibel. 

 As Merkel steps away, the EU is likely to go without a central figure, as The New York Times said in a recent article. Merkel was a prominent figure in maneuvering the economics of the EU and Germany. Katya Azzam, a government official with knowledge on the topic says, “Germany is carrying the EU in terms of its economy. The entire time [Merkel was in power] Germany had its best economy.” Azzam continues, “In this particular instance I believe that the media is Angela Merkel, that being said if the media is the message then it’s like she is the actor that is revolutionizing or has allowed for the positive effect to take over.” When thinking about the positive impact Merkel has made on Europe, some wonder what will happen once she steps away. Junior Paula Grimbacher, who is from Germany, said, “Germany is not knowing in what direction Germany is drifting because Angela Merkel was very important for Germany, she was very popular and many Germans liked her.” 

While this political scale is bound to change, it is unclear what specific direction the new party will take. What everyone can be sure of is, Merkel is leaving a huge power gap and an imprint on the world. Nadir says, “Under her leadership Germany grew back to be one, if not the most, important leader among the European countries.”