Free Britney

Chloe Lynn, Staff Writer

Recently, Britney Spears has been in the news due to recent conspiracies concerning her safety. For years many fans have described Brittney as, “off, crazy, and insane.” Conspiracies arose after footage and pictures of her shaving her head leaked in 2007 causing articles to inform the public how her ex, Kevin Federlin, would not allow Brittney to see her 2 sons, Sean and Jayden. However, a documentary filmed in 2019 explained more issues the pop star faced. Luckily, an even more recent documentary was filmed this year, “Britney Vs. Spears” explaining the truth about Britney’s forced silence throughout the years and how she could not trust anyone, including her own family.  This documentary also goes in depth about her conservatorship and financial incentives for her father, Jamie. When asked, “Why do you think she didn’t take any action to free herself,” junior Mina Titus said, “Because she didn’t have the ability to.” When asked, “Do you think she went crazy from all the videos and photos she has been posting on her social media platforms,” senior Katie Williams said, “Yes, I heard she was taking many drugs.”  This shows how some people at La Jolla High have viewed Britney Spears throughout years of her silence.  It’s unfortunate that Spears’s reputation and name was dragged through the dirt due to the conservatorship placed on her.