Masks Should Be Required For Vaccinated Students and Staff

Zainab Hassoun, Staff Writer

Masks are a requirement at La Jolla high school, but should vaccinated students and staff have to wear them? Vaccines work by making the immune system construct antibodies, and if a person does get vaccinated, they develop immunity to that disease without having to get COVID-19. Freshman Mike Williams does not like how he has to wear a mask even though he is vaccinated, “It’s hard to breathe with the mask on top of my nose, and it’s annoying over my mouth.”  Masks can be uncomfortable and useless for some of our vaccinated peers, however, at the end of the day, not everyone is vaccinated. Freshman Cristy Gomez Sierra, believes that students and staff should wear their masks regardless of vaccination status, “Yes, the vaccinated should wear masks because not everyone is vaccinated and we can probably spread corona to those who aren’t and get them sick.” You can still catch and spread the virus even if you are vaccinated. It’s similar to getting a flu shot; you can still occasionally get sick with the virus despite getting the shot. Wearing a mask not only protects students and staff from getting COVID-19, but it also protects family members at home. It should be mandatory for students and staff to wear their masks to protect others and themselves, at least until the pandemic is over which is hopefully in the near future.