All Aboard the Ship to New York

Solaine Bardin, Staff Writer

Welcome to New York! This year, La Jolla High School will be hosting the Night in New York Homecoming on the football field, Saturday, September 25. The football game will be on Friday, September 24! The game will be held on the upper football field, while the dance will be on the lower field. Generally, Homecoming is for welcoming alumni back into the community, however, as time has passed, the tradition has evolved into a more fun, high school community event. La Jolla High School has carried on these traditions, welcoming alumni and current students to get back together for one night. 

Every year, ASB comes up with a new theme, and the theme for this year’s dance is Night in New York. Each grade will have its own homecoming king and queen. Homecoming court will be announced Friday during the football game. Also, at the football game on Friday night are a variety of different floats. This year, each grade will get to decorate one float according to the theme. Junior Duncan Carswell from ASB says that, “This year because of the theme it’ll be especially decorative.” He hopes that people look forward to what ASB has planned for the special event. Due to COVID-19, there wasn’t a homecoming last year which makes this homecoming especially special. ASB has worked hard to organize this event under COVID-19 restrictions. They have organized a fun dance, with a DJ, and decorated the field exceptionally. Freshman Emma Weibel says, “I’m so excited to see how it’ll be, especially since it is always in the movies.” With a date or just going with friends, homecoming will be a great way to have fun and get together to celebrate school spirit with the Viking community. Across the board, Vikings are excited for their Night in New York!