School Dress Code is Sexist and Targets Female Bodies

Amelia Peniche Isaac, Staff Writer

The sexism implemented in school dress codes has severely affected female students for decades. Though the dress code is meant to encourage students to dress for a “professional” environment, has the dress code become repressive for women?

When asked if he thought whether the LJHS was sexist and targets female students sophomore Caleb James said,  “I think it’s kinda stupid, I mean, I can wear a [thin, strapped tank top] and women can’t.” When Fiona Hanley was asked whether she thinks the dress code is sexist, she strongly replied “yes.” Many female students feel strongly about this issue.

Getting dress coded is immensely harmful to female students’ self-esteem, as well. The dress code teaches women that it’s up to them to conceal their bodies in order to be deemed “appropriate.” Women are left feeling violated and embarrassed after being made to change into “more appropriate clothing.” In some cases, students will even be suspended for multiple dress code violations. Females are targeted by dress codes, this is blatantly caused by the sexualization of women in media and society today, especially young women. 

Students have begun to take action across the world. The website is now carrying over 400 individual petitions against the school dress code. Students have also begun to expose these biases all over social media, blasting the message worldwide. 

The American Civil Liberties Union states dress codes are legal along as they do not “treat boys and girls differently, force students to conform to sex stereotypes or censor particular viewpoints.” However, many students, mainly female, have begun to expose the sexism displayed in dress codes and the message they sent to females across the world.