Billie Eilish Controversial Cover For Vogue

Can Demiral, Staff Writer

Billie Eilish is a pop star who has garnered millions of loyal fans worldwide over the last couple of years due to her popular songs. She appears on this month’s cover of Vogue magazine in quite a provocative way with her hair gone full blonde. She is posing while wearing a pink corset and skirt over skivvies along with latex gloves and leggings. Billie Eilish wanted to wear this specific outfit because she grew up adoring the aesthetic of the pin-ups from the mid-20th century and thought it was finally time for a wardrobe change. This is unlike her usual attire because she is showing more skin than her typical loose fitting attire. Junior Julio Jativa said, “This Vogue cover is Billie stepping out of her comfort zone because I am more used to seeing her wear neon tracksuits and oversized hoodies so it’s great seeing her promote body positivity this way.”

Some of Eilish’s fans have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations with the cover saying that she is becoming too mainstream and that the cover is bland. Eilish responded to the backlash by saying she is an artist and makes all her own decisions. Junior Alex Malatesta said, “I don’t agree with the people who say she is being hypocritical for showing more of her body when she’s always been more reserved. She is finally showing off her body on her own terms.” Billie has always been more focused on her music career whereas some of her popstar counterparts have got their lives caught up in fame.