Reinstated Healthcare Protection For Trans People


Photo via Creative Commons

Myka Gary, Staff Writer

As of May 10, anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people have been reinstated by the Biden administration. This move comes right after the Trump era, which had interpreted “‘sex’ to mean gender assigned at birth, thereby excluding transgender people” from protection under this law, mentioned in an Los Angeles Times article. 

“It did definitely affect me. It made me feel confused, like [this is] taking away rights from people who are normal Americans,” said senior Alina Cruz. Without the help of these discrimination laws, hospitals could refuse specific procedures such as gender-reassignment surgeries. 

Furthermore, freshmen Elle Davis, a member of the LGBT community, comments on the way some doctors would treat her transgender friends: “They would still use their birth pronouns because that’s what was on their record, and they really honestly didn’t care most of the time.” The Biden administration is reinterpreting the protection laws to include transgender people and other LGBT people. Hospitals can now face being sanctioned if they do not respect this discrimination policy. 

“Knowing that I’ll be safe in the future and safe now is making me happy,” said Davis. Overall, the Biden administration has been making an effort to help the LGBT community after a presidency that did not focus on their protection according to CNN

“I feel like it goes without saying, but gay people and transgender people are people too,” stated Cruz. “They have individual rights and needs and should be helped.”