Puesto Calls for Patio Extension

Photo via La Jolla Light

Photo via La Jolla Light

Clare Sandell, Staff Writer

Located in the heart of La Jolla, restaurant and bar, Puesto, hopes to bring the community together by continuing the use of outdoor dining for the next five years. 

Within the last few months, Puesto expanded their restaurant by adding outdoor seating that took up parking spots on Wall Street. According to an interview with the La Jolla Light, Puesto anticipates continuing their outdoor seating for the next five years. Calling it a “Placemaking Pedestrian Plaza,” this proposal has raised both controversy and questions. A few community leaders, including Jodi Rudick, expressed their fears about how the expansion may lead to more restaurants following suit. When asked her opinion, junior Brook Cousino said, “Keeping the outside patio could result in more people and less parking spots in the village. Personally, I do not think it is the best idea especially during COVID-19.” Even though the idea of having a Pedestrian Plaza has raised concern, Puesto management told the La Jolla Light that they are doing all they can to make sure the plan goes through. 

In a recent interview conducted by the La Jolla Light, owners of the restaurant, Eric and Alex Adler said, “The plaza would be for community use, not just Puesto customers, but that Puesto would handle the insurance and maintenance.” With hopes of opening up this seating area for all members of the La Jolla community, the Adler brothers keep pushing for this expansion. According to sophomore Tatum Buffington, “Having a seating area for all people would be a great way to bring the community together, especially once COVID-19 has passed.” The Alder brothers will continue to fight towards their goal, in hopes of bringing together the La Jolla Community through the Pedestrian Plaza.