Should The COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required?


Photo via Unsplash

Michael Czajkowski, Staff Writer

It has been a year since COVID-19 hit, but the whole world was and still is being affected by the virus. Laboratories all over the world scrambled to create a vaccine. Finally, in 2021, a few vaccines appeared and were released, Some popular vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, were both released around December 2020.

Ever since the release of the approved vaccine, although many people were optimistic that this vaccine could put an end to the pandemic, some people did not want to take the vaccine due to concerns that the vaccine is unsafe. Which has resulted in a debate about whether the vaccine should be required or not. The COVID-19 vaccine should not be required because people with certain health issues could possibly die or have even more health issues taking the vaccine than before taking it. According to History of Vaccines, “A safe vaccine takes 10 – 15 years to make.” This means that there could be some valid concerns about the safety of the vaccine especially when it was released in such a short time. 

However, the vaccine is known to have some benefits, such as providing protection from COVID-19. Freshman Maya Rosen-Olivero states, “I think that it is good the vaccine is out so things could go back to normal soon.” If the COVID-19 vaccine works without any flaws, life could go back to normal, such as in person school, no masks, no six feet social distancing. Additionally, freshman Reagan Gasaway said, “I don’t think I should be required, just highly recommended for certain people who are either of older age or are at a high medical risk.” Although the vaccine might help prevent certain people who are at an older age from getting COVID-19, it is more likely for an older individual to be negatively affected by it. 

According to the CDC, some people who chose to take the vaccine claim that they have experienced “chills, headaches, fever, and much more” after taking a dose of the vaccine. This could be a huge problem to people with weak immune systems, as it could cause serious issues for them even if it is a small reaction. These side effects could be lethal to some individuals if they are already in a weakened state. 

Finally, in light of the fact that there is still a huge debate over whether the vaccine is safe, people should be given the freedom to choose whether they want to risk taking it or not. In this case, The COVID-19 vaccine should not be required until it is safe for all individuals no matter the condition they may be in.